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1968 crestliner windshield

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  • 1968 crestliner windshield

    I have a 1968 crestliner 16' with a broken molded plexi glass windshield. Does anyone know where to find a used windshield for this boat? Maybe I can make a flat windshield fit? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: 1968 crestliner windshield

    Welcome to iboats.

    Windshield are the HARDEST parts to ever repair! I would first visit a full service glass shop and ask if they can bend or mold plexi (I would ask about lexan ) to repair it.
    This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
    Please, shop iboats first!!


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      Re: 1968 crestliner windshield

      Welcome to iBoats!
      You might want to consider making your own. This guy did.
      It is not as hard as you might think.

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