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Hydroswift Resto

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  • Hydroswift Resto

    I have started down the road of restoration of my 1966 16' Hydroswift. For those who aren't familiar with Hydroswift they are a very common boat in the western US. They are bult in Salt Lake City Utah and appear to be well built. This one is 43 years old so its bound to have issues. The last few nights I have been tearing out the interior of my old boat. The back end of the interior (just before the splashwell) used to have a bench seat. The previous owner ripped that out and replaced it with what could best be desribed as a "kitchen cabinet" type of enclosure made out of......get this......PARTICLE BOARD! It was horribly swollen and falling apart. I'm sure it served its previous owner well but it is now in the bottom of my garbage can. My ultimate goal in all of this is to rip out the floor to check the conditions underneath and then rebuild. New seats will be installed and a complete rewire will be done as part of the deal. Anyone have a good connection for windshields? Mine is in need of replacing because of cracks. This has been a fun boat for my family the past few years but now its time to make it last for a good long time. Pictures will be up in a day or so for those that say "this thread is worthless without pictures" lol. I have some decent "before" pictures to share.
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    Re: Hydroswift Resto

    After removing the seats, side panels and the carpet I find that the fiberglass that was put down over the deck wasnt in contact with the resin underneath, or at least with very little of it. I was able to pull it up in sheets, it reminded me of screen door fabric. I then did a test hole with a 3" hole saw and found to my amusement that there was absolutely NO FOAM! (which means I dont have to wrestle with water logged foam) I suspect that the floor has been replaced before and foam wasn't replaced. Anyone know when the use of foam was made mandatory? The areas where the seats attached to the floor were far and away the most rotted areas of the deck. With a common screwdriver and very little effort on my part I was able to create a 1 foot hole and see the bottom of the boat. So far the stringers seem to be very solid and dry, but will withold judgement on them until I have access to all 3 of them. Its been to hot to spend much time on the boat (95+ temps) when I get home in the afternoon so I work when the sun isn't beating down.
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      Re: Hydroswift Resto

      Nice looking boat on a nice sturdy looking trailer. Except of course the cabinets in the back Foam isn't really required but I think I would definitely fit it with pink or blue sheet foam from Lowes/HD. I'd rather have something semi-floating to hold to should the worst happen while I was boating.
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        Re: Hydroswift Resto

        heyas, I know its been since july, but i had to ask...
        how'd that go for you?? I recently acquired a 82 hydroswift II, and am tearing the floor out now. just wanted to see if you had any more pics or advice.


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          Re: Hydroswift Resto

          Well.... not much in actual boat work has been done. I have built a motor stand and removed the motor. I also have gotten the boat off the trailer and blocked it up on cribbing in my garage (trailer was a bit too long to fit in the garage). The real work will start soon. There has been sickness/surgeries to deal with that has taken up some of my avaialable time, as well as a honeydo project in the house . Losing my side of the garage hit home hard this morning as I was removing 3" of snow and ice from my truck so I could go to work!
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            Re: Hydroswift Resto

            Went from being too hot to too cold on ya huh?

            We have that problem here in Michigan as well, I feel your pain.

            Nice-looking hull you've got there. Looks like an old Sea Ray a bit. What really caught my eye is that silver/black machine hanging off the transom.

            How many HP? What year? Got any more pics? That will be a great boat when you're done, I agree, worth putting some work into for the future.

            Good luck getting back to the project
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              Re: Hydroswift Resto

              Good eye huron. Its a 1966 Merc 650. Runs extremely well.
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                Re: Hydroswift Resto

                Good looking rig...

                Looks like those particle board doors have done some swelling!!
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                  Re: Hydroswift Resto

                  Nice looking boat, take care of that Merc by the way! They really DON"T build them like that any more! Good luck on the rebuild, you will find a lot of help here!
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