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carpet adhesive on treated lumber

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  • carpet adhesive on treated lumber

    I'm looking for a recomendation on what type of adhesive to use on treated lumber. Most I've seen (Henry's, Roberts) say not to use on treated lumbeer.

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    Re: carpet adhesive on treated lumber

    Hello Russ..

    not only the ply compatible glue..but what does your carpet suggest. ?

    Most backed carpets I would suggest Dap Contact cement ( troweled ). some are too thin and use a spray glue ( like 3m trim adhesive in a spray ).

    NO MATTER what you use.. Dont be alone ..and wear a respo.

    last thing you need is to be overcome with fumes..bad bad stuff here....make you feel your hair grow ...

    YD. ... be safe m8 ( fume glues are nothing to mess with ! )
    Iboats Helper


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      Re: carpet adhesive on treated lumber

      I got mine at Lowe's. Outdoor carpet cement. Black can. I can't recall the name. If the wood is really wet it will take a long time to dry.

      and yeah, a good whiff and you'll have a headache for days.
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      Those who understand math and those who don't.


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        Re: carpet adhesive on treated lumber

        I got mine at Lowes also. Mine was in a white gallon bucket. I used it on PT plywood that was still wet. Took a while to dry. Once it dries it holds very well. I used it on a small section of flooring in my boat. It was a quick fix using cheap carpet last summer. I decided to fix it right this spring. Had to use a grinding wheel to get the carpet off.


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          Re: carpet adhesive on treated lumber

          I build pontoon boats and we use sommething that looks and smells just like Elmers glue, it comes in a giant cube probably 80-100 gallons so I don't know a brand name but you can glue treated wood.

          I have used the trowel on outdoor carpet glue from Lowes/Menards on marine ply and it worked really well.

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