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Livewell for my aluminum boat

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  • Livewell for my aluminum boat

    I have a 14'48" flat bottom that I want to add a livewell / bait tank to. Tell me if I am right here:

    I will need some sort of container, then I will need to have a line from the transom with a bilge pump that brings water from the lake and into the livewell. I will need an overflow drain up towards the top of the container and empties when water gets to a certain height. Then I will need a straight line in the bottom to drain the livewell?

    Let me know if there is a different way to set this up, but here is my question.

    How would you set your pump up to where it will draw water from the lake? Do you set it up to where the bottom of the bilge is sticking out of the back of the transom? I am confused here...


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    Re: Livewell for my aluminum boat

    You will need to get a through hull fitting and a inline pump. The pump will connect to the fitting and draw water from the lake in to the top of the tank. Then put a drain at the height desired out the side of the boat as high above the waterline as possible. Or you can put a second pump pulling water out of the tank at the bottom and another hull fitting higher in the side of the boat above the water line just like a bilge pump outlet. if you use a pump for out of the tank you will need to put a screen or cage to keep the fish away from the suction of the pump. They dont need to be strong at all you dont want to hurt the fish. The inlet water should be above the top of the water line in the tank thus it falling into the water tank will oxygenate the water at the same time.


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      Re: Livewell for my aluminum boat

      I'm not an expert on livewells, as I don't use them. But here is how my starcraft was set up from the factory:

      intake in transome, a little above the drain plug - pump was physically attached to the hull fitting on the inside of the transom. intake hose ran to the livewell (which was ABOVE the waterline). Drain fitting at the top of the livewell (again, ABOVE waterline) that ran back to the transom to an open drain at the same level as the intake pump.

      don't ask me why I stress this above the waterline thing. 'cause you know, someone who wasn't thinking might unhook the drain hose and leave it under the floor without plugging the hole at the transom. You know, someone who doesn't use livewells? It was an interesting moment at the ramp...

      someone with more experience will chime in...
      1985 Starcraft 21' Mariner - "The Red Baron"


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        Re: Livewell for my aluminum boat

        see? Mr. Marine's post landed before mine. Listen to him...
        1985 Starcraft 21' Mariner - "The Red Baron"


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          Re: Livewell for my aluminum boat

          Oh ok, so they do sell inline pumps that have a fitting...then all I will need is to cut the correct hull size in the transom and do the plumbing...

          I am assuming that when the pump is not pumping water from the lake, then it wont allow water to just seep in? is there a shut off valve when its not pumping? or is it just the fact of gravity and water not being able to travel up.

          Do I need to set up some sort of drain in the physical livewell?

          If I decide to use a mechanical drain with a pump and to just pump all the water out, can the bilge set in the bottom of the water submerged? Can I tie the drain into any of the other hoses, or will it need its own?

          If its needs its own that will make a total of 3 holes right?




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            Re: Livewell for my aluminum boat

            Putting in a livewell is not that complicated. You need a tank, a pump and some fittings for the inlet, drain and overflow.
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              Re: Livewell for my aluminum boat

              there are several cooler conversion kits available.
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