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Spray Paint Bimini top???

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  • Spray Paint Bimini top???

    Has anyone ever painted a Bimini top. I order some cans of fabric spray and started today. The original color was blue and I want it black. The first coat made it sort of navy color. The spray is UV resistant and it claims it wont fade. Any advise or suggestion are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Spray Paint Bimini top???

    I think Tashasdaddy painted one.
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      Re: Spray Paint Bimini top???


      I spray painted an old jeep rag top once...used regular cheap spray paint. I went from white to black and it lasted for a few years at least. Had a little fading but for the price of less than a dollar a can touching it up wasn't a problem. The material of a bimini does not seem to be much different so it should work. I'm not familiar with fabric paint so I can't tell you anything about that.

      Good Luck.


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        Re: Spray Paint Bimini top???

        Well if the first coat made her navy, hit her again..You will get black eventually as it will only bleed till it covers.

        Good Luck..



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          Re: Spray Paint Bimini top???

          and I want it black.
          Ayuh,... Sounds like it's gonna be HOT in the summer sun...
          Any Grease is Better,..... Than No Grease at All.......


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            Re: Spray Paint Bimini top???

            Originally posted by Bond-o View Post
            Ayuh,... Sounds like it's gonna be HOT in the summer sun...
            That's what I was thinking, I had one that was navy blue and ended up putting a silver tarp over it on hot days till I found a white one.


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              Re: Spray Paint Bimini top???

              Thanks for all your inputs. I order more cans because I ran out. I was thinking that black will make the boat hotter but I am not to concerned because the boat is only going to take me to my destination and back (beach, swimming, sandbar, etc). I only fish in the late afternoon or early morning never during the day so the heat of the sun is not so strong.