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Stratos VT Rocket 180

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  • Stratos VT Rocket 180

    I have a 180 VT rocket bass boat (1986) with a 88 johnson gt 200 on it. I have read about all the post I can read about on the tunnel hull's built by stratos. Most of them, horror stories about the foam being soaked and the boats not getting any air under them because of weight. My problem is I am going to add a deck extension on the boat, not to worried about weight. I checked the foam where I could see in the front and around the transom and it looked perfect. I even took a screw driver and tore a piece out and it looked new. The problem I saw was the 1"x4" board (stringer, I assume) coming up the middle of the boat was rotted about a foot back on the board from the bow of the boat end. It was where the drain pipe from the bow started. Can I replace just that much of it or do I have to replace all of it? I planned on tearing out the floor of that area anyway to put in a storage box. The boat does have issues about getting on plane, but once on plane it will move. The choppier the water the better it runs. The transom was solid as well, but does have a few stress cracks in the glass. All of the foam that I could see was coated with a black tar like substance. This will be my first time doing this kind of work and any input will be much apprecited. [/IMG]

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    Re: Stratos VT Rocket 180

    I can't seem to get the pictures to post from photobucket. Will try again.
    Last edited by Bob_VT; February 9th, 2009, 09:57 PM. Reason: Needs to resize photos in photobucket BEFORE posting to 640 x 480 available option in photobucket


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      Re: Stratos VT Rocket 180

      Welcome to iboats!

      Beautiful boat!

      Read this link on posting and limit your photo size to 640 x 480

      This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
      Please, shop iboats first!!


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        Re: Stratos VT Rocket 180

        Sorry about the picture size BobVT. I will try to post them small. Thanks for the complement on the boat.
        I will be replacing the seats with the 61" seats from BASSBOATSEAT.COM also the carpet. And as said before, building a casting deck with storage with nice hatches. All new gauges and shifter control. and possibly adding hydraulic steering.


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          Re: Stratos VT Rocket 180

          That boat is just about the perfect set-up IMO for fishing. Single console and nothing to really interfere with fighting a fish.

          61" seat ?? I would stay with individual seats and just make sure the passenger seat folds down so you can get past it while fighting a fish.

          I noticed your headlight too!

          Nice job on the pictures!!
          This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
          Please, shop iboats first!!


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            Re: Stratos VT Rocket 180

            hi there. I am new to stratos, trying to search for information on mine. I just picked up a beauty. 1989 stratos, they call it the v rocket. it's a speed boat not a bass boat and it is extremely clean. looks like a 2005, no an 89. I cannot find a single boat like it anywhere... or information on it at all. any suggestions? anyone know what it's worth? has 1 nick, the rest is flawless. claims to have less than 100 hours and it shows

            3 pics of boat at



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              Re: Stratos VT Rocket 180

              That does not look like a 23 year old boat. It's been very well taken care of!

              j7- Your's is in good shape as well. Try searching the Stratos owners page near the bottom of the main forum page for more info.

              They're owned by Genmar now so I don't know if Genmar retained any historical info on that boat but you might also try calling them. They were owned by OMC at the time your boat(s) were made.
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