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Pouring Foam in's and out's

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  • Pouring Foam in's and out's

    Pouring foam may be a crucial part of your restoration, as it is required by USCG for all vessels under 21', it may be structural in your boat or just give you piece of mind.

    Here is how to pour 2lb or 4lb 1 to 1 mix foam:

    Be prepared before hand with all the "mixing" containers you may need I went through all these

    Once you have the deck in cut out a bunch of plugs along the stringer (I used a 3" hole saw) the key is to cut out a plug that you can insert later.

    Like this


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    Re: Pouring Foam in's and out's

    These pouring foams generally have a 60 second working time before they start to react and expand, I would suggest a partner to help things flow smoothly.

    You will get the hang of pouring foam very quickly just start small untell you are comforatable.

    Tip the bow of the boat down so the foam can flow to the bow then expand back to the release holes.

    Use 2 permenant containers for "A" and "B" And have a plenty of "Mix" containers handy

    Here is "A"

    Here is "B"

    Next pour the two together and thoroughly mix, now you are on a time limit so pour and work quickly.



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      Re: Pouring Foam in's and out's

      Once it is thoroughly mixed pour in the holes starting at the bow working to the stern alternating sides to let the foam fully expand.

      Mix thoroughly then pass to your partner in the boat.

      Pour into the holes and watch it expand.



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        Re: Pouring Foam in's and out's

        After the foam is cured use a spade bit without a tip to clean up the holes and trim the foam.

        Mix up some P/B (thickend resin) and apply liberaly in holes put the plug back in and let harden later you can grind them smooth and glass over them.

        Which looks like this