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Seat clips - where to get them

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  • Seat clips - where to get them

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I recently removed all the seats from my Glastron so that my dear lady wife could make new seat covers as they where all looking a bit tired! I thought that making the covers would be the tricky part!
    My wife has made a lovely job of making new covers (yes she used marine grade vinyl) but I cannot find the plastic clips that are used to mount the seats/cushions in the boat. I have visited 2 Upholstery suppliers, 6 upholstery shops + my local ford and GM dealers, all to no success!!
    I will post a picture of the clip when I get home tonight, but I wondered if anyone new of a supply for boat upholstery parts (I have visited lots of sites on the WEB).
    The clip itself is a white plastic clip approximately 1.5 inches long, it has a flat disk about 1 inch from the end and has a series of arrow head teeth running outwards from the disk. The short end is suppose to be pushed into the wooden back of the seat and the arrow teeth prevent it coming out, and then the seat is pushed against the inside of the boat so that the other section of the clip with the teeth enter into holes in the boat and secure the cushion to the boat. My clips where all very old and most of them broke when pulling the seat out (I never dreamed it would be so difficult to find these pesky little clips). I need about 20 of them, they measure about 3/8" in diameter (across the teeth) and the disk in the middle that stops you pushing the clip in too far is about 1/2" in diameter.. Probably no-one will recognise it from the above description so I'll post a picture tonight..
    Any help or advice would be very welcome..


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    Re: Seat clips - where to get them

    The Hull Extension Thread
    great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


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      Re: Seat clips - where to get them

      Thanks for the suggestion, but as all the vinyl wraps around the back of the seat, I am not sure Velcro would really work, but I will definately keep it as a fall back position..

      Here is a picture of the clip I was trying to describe.
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        Re: Seat clips - where to get them

        Looks like a standard auto panel upholstery clip.

        Take a look at the 8th clip down on this page:

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          Re: Seat clips - where to get them

          Thanks for the link, that's where I actually found the picture. Unfortunately that shop only lists one type of double ended clip and it's much smaller than what I am looking for. I found one place that has them, but minimum order is a 1000 pieces for $240, as I only need 15 to 20, 1000 seems a bit excessive!!


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            Re: Seat clips - where to get them

            Napa, autozone, advanced auto


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              Re: Seat clips - where to get them

              Agree, I've seen packages of these at many an auto parts store. I might try a search for custom auto upholstery fasteners too.


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                Re: Seat clips - where to get them

                Thanks guys, I have tried all the listed auto stores without success, they couldn't even find the parts in their catalogues for special order. I will keep looking.


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                  Re: Seat clips - where to get them

                  I needed some of these clips, or christmas trees as they sometimes call them for my Buick door panels. I went to the local GM dealer parts counter. They had a whole partitioned box full of them. Like 10-15 different kinds. We actually didn't find my exact ones but got something that worked. So maybe try stopping by the largest GM parts dealer near you. They may have some that will work.
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