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KRYLON paint on fiberglass

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  • KRYLON paint on fiberglass

    Restoring top of 13foot fiberglass boat ...last year i painted with automotive paint and just chipped off..i painted my atv plastic fenders with KRYLON and seems to hold well.

    will it holdup good on fiberglass and do i need to prime aswell. thx

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    Re: KRYLON paint on fiberglass

    Krylon is one of my favorite spraybombs and it would probably be my first choice on a bracket or something similar but it would never get sprayed on the outside of my boat.


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      Re: KRYLON paint on fiberglass

      i used krylon on my steering wheel in my boat. it was white and i painted it black. i am very impressed . hasn't come off at all. not sure about fiberglass. good luck.
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        Re: KRYLON paint on fiberglass

        I got hair line cracks aswell wonder if they will show with krylon .


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          Re: KRYLON paint on fiberglass

          Automotive paint won't peel off a well prepped gel coat surface and is a thousand times better than a rattle can product. So if you had problems before they will be worse now. The stress cracks need to be repaired or they'll be back before the boat hits the water.


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            Re: KRYLON paint on fiberglass

            Automotive paint won't peel off a well prepped gel coat surface and is a thousand times better than a rattle can product.
            Ayuh,......... I completely Agree,.......

            Proper Preparation is absolutely necessary for Any paint,......... Even Rattle Can stuff.......
            Quality Paint don't come in Rattle Cans........
            Any Grease is Better,..... Than No Grease at All.......


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              Re: KRYLON paint on fiberglass

              Color codes in rattle cans..

              Just found a link about KRYLON on fiberglass not sure if link works.


              guess il give it a go. just wondered if anyone had experience with this new type of paint. top of my boat is only aprox 25square feet so easy blending . not going to clear coat because of over spray issues i had before with cans.


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                Re: KRYLON paint on fiberglass

                I painted an inboard outboard engine box from white to yellow,just knocked the scheen down with 320 wet n dry,stayed goo for yrs