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Mold on carpet, hard to get off

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  • Mold on carpet, hard to get off

    I have black top mold all over my indoor outdoor carpet in my boat. What is the best way to get rid of this and get my carpet back to clean? Can I bleach it or power wash it off? If so how many PSI does anyone recomend for power washing

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    Re: Mold on carpet, hard to get off

    Indoor carpet? Is it just the carpet that is inside the cabin or is it indoor grade carpet?

    If it is interior grade carpet...I would approach it as you would the carpet in your house...get a a steam carpet cleaner and some chemicals. I know I have seen various carpet cleaning products for mold removal.


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      Re: Mold on carpet, hard to get off

      DT - Bleach is the best for killing the mold, however it can ruin the color. If you have some extra carpet, try putting some full strength bleach on it and let it sit for a while. If the color doesn't run, using bleach is OK. If it runs, find some other cleaner. You can try the Super Clean (Purple stuff), but I would test that as well.


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        Re: Mold on carpet, hard to get off

        Have you ever heard of using a power washer on that kind of carpet?


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          Re: Mold on carpet, hard to get off

          bleach hell out of it. then rip it out and put a real floor in it. carpet in a boat is like the rug the women put around the toilet, that we piss on in the dark, and then walk in it barefooted.
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            Re: Mold on carpet, hard to get off

            use simple green


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              Re: Mold on carpet, hard to get off

              MOLD KILLING MIXTURE (except DEEPLY ROOTED mold colonies) -
              Works on all mold and fungus - this is a very strong mixture ratio

              1 quart white vinegar
              1/2 quart water
              1 cup 35% hydrogen peroxide http://www.dfwx.com/h2o2.html
              1 cup boric acid

              Home-Brew Water Solution of Borates:

              All percentages for this recipe and the others here are percentages by weight. Based on U.S. Navy spec. of 60% borax-40% boric acid (this ratio gives the maximum solubility of borates in water); 65% water, 20 %borax, 15% boric acid; 15.8% borates; borax costs 54 cents/lb. (supermarket), boric acid costs about $4/lb. in drug stores (sometimes boric acid roach poison, 99% boric acid, is cheaper in discount stores); equiv. to Tim-BorŽ or Ship-BorŽ at 30 cents/lb. To make this solution mix the required quantities and heat until dissolved. The boric acid, in particular, dissolves slowly. This solution is stable (no crystals) overnight in a refrigerator (40°F.), so can be used at temperatures at least as low as 40°F.

              Home-Brew Glycol Solution of Borates:

              This is equivalent to Bora-CareŽ diluted with an equal volume of glycol to make it fluid enough to use handily; 50% glycol antifreeze, 28% borax, 22% boric acid. To make a stable solution you mix the ingredients and heat till boiling gently. Boil off water until a candy thermometer shows 260°F. This removes most of the water of crystallization in the borax. This solution is stable at 40°F and has a borate content of 26%. With antifreeze at $6/gal. and borax and boric acid prices as above, this is equivalent to Bora-CareŽ at about $15/gal.
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