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Paint selection for fiberglass boat interior

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  • Paint selection for fiberglass boat interior

    I caught a good deal on a "factory second" boat from a fiberglass boat manufacturer. The boat had a chip on an outside edge where it was knicked during shipping and was less than half the current retail price. The manufacturer repaired the nick and repainted the exterior.

    The only negative is the interior paint is a fairly dark green and is too dark for the hot summer temperatures here in Georgia. I need to repaint it either light grey or tan. I don't want white, as I'm fair skinned and white reflects the sun too much and will fry me.

    The manufacturer's VP of operations advised using either Herculiner truck bedliner in grey or Rustoleum's two part epoxy for garage floor and adding shark bite to give it a skid free surface. I wanted to check if these are the best solution for someone doing his own interior.

    I don't have a sprayer and will have to either roll the paint on or brush it on. I do have sanders and such if necessary.

    I could use any advise about preparation of the original interior and about what type of paint to use.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Paint selection for fiberglass boat interior

    I could see using the truck bed liner stuff on the floor, but when you say interior it makes me think about the insides of gunwhales, and the dash, etc.

    If you are going for a really smooth, aka no brush marks paint job and you are looking at using a marine paint and doing a roll and TIP job on it. Do some searches in this forum for roll and tip.

    A couple of other pointers:


    Tiny Tanic Rebuild Custom Folding Rear Seats Outboard Steering Rigging


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      Re: Paint selection for fiberglass boat interior


      This is a nice boat, but is only about one step above a jon boat. It has a more advanced hull, but no dash and runs on a 15HP two cycle.

      Thank you for the links. The information was very helpful.




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        Re: Paint selection for fiberglass boat interior

        i like the 2 part idea, and i have been using light gray for years on the interior, and it's very easy on relection.
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          Re: Paint selection for fiberglass boat interior


          Do you use a gel coat primer when you use the two part or just the two part by itself and some scuffing of the gelcoat?




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            Re: Paint selection for fiberglass boat interior

            this stuff is nice...Tuff Coat. It is a textured marine paint that may be perfect for your needs.



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              Re: Paint selection for fiberglass boat interior


              Thanks for posting that, I think you're right. That's just about exactly what I'm looking for. Can anyone suggest wether or not I need to use a primer or simply sand the gelcoat? The inside is NAC gelcoat I'll need to pain over. I do have a variety of electric palm type sanders, I'm I'm a woodworker.




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                Re: Paint selection for fiberglass boat interior

                Remember that most - if not all - boats are layed up with polyster resin. So if you plan on using an epoxy based product there will be an adhesion problem. Stick with a two part linear polyurethane product. With the proper prep you have better luck in the long run.
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