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building a hardtop for a pontoon

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  • building a hardtop for a pontoon

    Hi folks, My Sis has a 20' party hut and thinks she would like to put a hard top on the back 16' or so. anyone have any plans or ideas? sure would appriciate any info you guys could give...Thanks......
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    Re: building a hardtop for a pontoon

    Yes, You CAN! Please check out the parts at academy fence .com

    I did this to my 24' SLICKCRAFT SS-235 for Great lakes trolling and it has stood the test of time performing flawlessly for 3 seasons now- Get the 1-3/8 or 2" size fittings for the frame part and use stainless steel hardware to bolt it on. Use a corresponding aluminum tube for the uprights and crossbars.

    Make the hard top roof of marine grade plywood 1/4" and glass that in. Paint with 1 part polyurethane (porch paint) and you're done!

    It really is light and very tough-


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      Re: building a hardtop for a pontoon

      Thanks for the reply santa666, I had a couple of questions for you. can you trailer the boat without tearing the top up? I have concerns about the wind ripping it off going down the highway. also can you get ontop of the roof if you need to without stepping thru? I guess that would depend on how many cross sections you put on it.. and did you glass both sides of the ply or just the top? any pics available.. thanks flash...
      The Devil to pay, and no pitch hot!


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        Re: building a hardtop for a pontoon

        How about using siding from a pole barn (sorry - not sure what it's actually called) on top of a welded aluminum frame? It might be corrugated steel? I'm not sure how rust resistant it is but you see it used as the cover boat lifts and such. I doubt you would want to walk on it but depending on the frame it would stand up to towing. If engineered properly you could set it up to be raised and lowered using hitch pins - kind of like a camper trailer top moves up and down for towing.



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          Re: building a hardtop for a pontoon

          if you want to use the top for a sun deck, 1/2 ply. if not build the frame and have a canvass company make a cover. there are a lot of pontoons with fold down roofs for towing.
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            Re: building a hardtop for a pontoon

            Yeah I would think you could build a nice frame, use some 1/4 plywood (can even add a bit of a contour to it), cover in resin and a little mat, and you would have a nice little cover there. Just paint it for UV protection and looks.


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              Re: building a hardtop for a pontoon

              Ok, SORRY for the delay in answering. YES, it is sturdy. I am over 6 feet and about 240# I can hang from the frame without any problems. I do not go on the top itself.

              Yes, the top can be up ( mines permanant) for towing, the wind will not affect it in any way, low overpasses are another story. MOST semi truck routes are PROBABLY safe as overpasses there are taller than my boat.

              NO, I would not want to stand on my top* It is VERY sturdy, but would crack * I believe it would support me, but have not tried to stand up there, (cracking). Its not designed to support 240# in one spot, but would certainly withstand all mother nature could throw at her, rain, hail, etc, and not leak or deform.

              YES, Its curved, or rather domed. 3 inches of arch from side to side. Gives it a visual appeal.... not like a monotone slab of, (shudder..), building siding....(cringe)

              Siding would work, but do you REALLY want people pointing and laughing at your "siding" boat roof rusting away.

              If she wants an upper "sundeck" go with the 1/2 inch marine grade plywood and add a few judicously placed struts and an access ladder

              YES, finish it with a layer or 2 of glass and paint with one part polurethane (porch paint) to keep out the UV and add scuff resistance.

              Add a railing about 6 inches above the deck around the perimeter for a place to mount antennas, rod/flag holders and the ever important cup holders and YER DONE!

              I can email limited photos. Please request them from me at dirkwalrich@hotmail.com Posting pics here is tough.


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                Re: building a hardtop for a pontoon

                Ok, I did not glass both sides. I did paing the underside with 2 coats of Zinzer KILZ primer as its a marine envoirnment and I wanted to have something that REALLY would soak into the wood and seal it tight. Did a great job and still is bright white..

                There are no cross sections, just the square frame and the 4 uprights.


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