To create a new thread you first need to choose which forum you are going to post in.
For this example I will choose the Dockside Chat forum.
Once you are in the desired forum you would like to post in click on the
Now you are ready to post a new thread.
1. From here you will need to choose an appropriate title for your thread.
2. You will then create the body of your thread clearly stating your question and any info that you have about your problem.
3. You can also include pictures to help explain.
4. Another thing that you will want to do is tag the thread.
The reason to tag a thread is so that other subscribers can find your post by typing in key words such as:
• Johnson
• Ignition
• Backfire
• Starter
• Cavitation
You can only tag each thread with 5 key phrases/keywords, so make sure that you pick words or phrases that are the most relevant to your post!
5. The final step is to submit your new thread for posting
For this you will simply click on the “Submit New Thread” button.