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Thread: Optimum trim

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    I have a '87 VIP 17' Fish and Ski w/ a '87 Force 125 w/ a 19 pitch prop. Motor seems to run good (save the docking etc.). We use it to fish and the kids like to tube and ski, so we ask a lot of the boat and motor. I have noticed that when getting out of the hole, I get on plane quicker with the motor all the way down. When I am running along and lift the motor I get higher RPMs and a little more speed, the bow comes out of the water some so there is less friction area which, I understand, is good for running out. However when I turn even a little I suppose the prop gets closer to the surface of the water and "slips" (RPMs go up some). What is the optimum trim for best fuel consumption, speed and hole shot, or do I need to adjust differently for each situation and how do I determine the trim while running by the angle of the motor (no gauge)? Sorry for the long monologue, any suggestions and advice would be appreciated.Thanks

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    You need to adjust this for each situation. When coming out of the hole having the motor trimed all the way down will provide the quickest start most of the time. When crusing , triming the motor up just a bit will provide a little more power. I pull a lot of HEAVY wakeboarders/kneeboarders and trim tabs had to be added to get a better hole shot along with keeping the motor trimed down.

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    JR,Depending upon your boat, the best trim angle is that which allows the hull to run the cleanest.You may have to trim down when turning, many boats are like that.A cavitation plate fin MAY help with your cavitation on turning.

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