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    Default Force 120hp L-drive... need help

    I've read a lot of the discussions about problems with L-drive so I know its a sore subject but here goes.
    I believe I messed up my engine by forgetting to put oil in... I ran it pretty hard (pulling a tube) for about 15-20 mins, then stopped and put in the oil. It ran great for the rest of the day but the next day I heard a small pop and lost a lot of power, could only get 10-15 mph. Long story short it scored 2 cylinders and I only had about 30 psi head pressure in one of them. I purchased a rebuilt power head, installed it and can not get it to start. It seems that I am not getting fuel to the carbs, I disconnected the hoses and "no fuel". Reading the description and operation of the fuel pump in the Clymer shop manual its a bladder/vacuum/pressure operation. I replaced the bladder and the main check valve no help, I still do not really understand how it works. With the pump removed as I spin the eng there is only a small very slight puff of air coming out of the port (the small hole in the block that the pump backs up to) the way the book reads I would think the air coming out should be quite strong and I should also feel a vacuum. There is hose also coming out of the block connected to the other side of the pump, and from that I feel no suction or pressure. Is there something wrong with the new eng or am I doing something wrong? BTW I verified it has spark to all 4 cylinders.

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    Default Re: Force 120hp L-drive... need help

    Welcome to iboats forums.

    Can't really help you with an answer, but you might try a new title for the thread.

    Something like "help with fuel pump"

    Place it in the Mercury or the Force forum as the pump is common to both makes, and not specific to L-drives.

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    Default Re: Force 120hp L-drive... need help

    You won't feel much air - needs a liquid. Disconnect outlet hose and crank engine. Gas should flow. It's easy to hook these up backwards.

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