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    Default 125 Force No Spark Need Help

    Hello,i Bought A 125 Force 89? Compression 140-145 Cold,no Spark
    Replaced Stator With Used One Still No Spark,the White Wires From Cd Units Give A Ground Reading Even After Separating Them From Is The Engine With The Blue Coils.
    Thank You For Your Time

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    Default Re: 125 Force No Spark Need Help

    First, buy a manual.

    Second: replacing parts willy-nilly won't get you going. Oh, you will get going eventually but you will waste time and money in the process.

    Unless you know for certain that the original stator is bad, put it back in.

    NOW start the logical thought process:

    Is there no spark at all? If so: When the TV does not go on, before you call the repairman, check to be certain it is plugged in.

    SO: with no spark at all, check the man overboard switch to be certain it is open and not in the emergency stop position.

    Check the ignition switch to be certain it is functioning. Since the white and blue wires are the stop circuit, remove them from the terminals and insulate. Crank the engine. Spark now? Aha! The problem is not with the electronics. No spark at all? Electronics are bad--Very highly unlikely since either both windings on the stator or both CD boxes or all four coils would need to be bad. Too much coincidence there.

    Check to be certain that the ground wire from the electronics mounting plate to the block is present and functioning.

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