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Thread: Ignition Switch

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    Default Ignition Switch

    I have a 1994 Mercuriser 5.7 liter, and need a new ignition switch. I've tested the one currently installed and I dont always get power in the start position. Any advise to buying a new ignition switch. the one currently installed is a three pole switch. off/on/start. Is there anything I'm over-looking in buying a new Ignition Switch. Thanks!

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    Don't buy one for an outboard. Outboards short the ignition to kill it. On your engine the ignition switch opens the circuit. Heck, any discount or farm store that sells auto parts has these although they are for auto/implement use and not really marine rated. Cabela's, here on iBoats, Bass Pro, US Boat and a host of other on-line sources all have them including your local marine dealer.

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    hey just curious if it matters if you use a 4-position ig switch on a boat that had previously had a 3-position switch. thanks for any help

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