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    Default How many batteries do I need?

    I have a small 14' Aluminum Deep V boat with a 18hp pull start Johnson motor.

    I plan to make it into a fishing boat this winter.
    My electrical needs are a
    trolling motor,
    navigation lights,
    curtisey lights (leds),
    livewell with one pump,
    and a couple of 12v sockets for night fishing.

    My trolling motor is the MinnKota Endura 30hp model, 12v, transom mounted.

    How many batteries should I run, and why?

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    Default Re: How many batteries do I need?

    Depends on how much power you are going to be using, livewell constantly running, always on the trolling motor, what type of lights for night fishing, incandescent, LED, fluorescent? The fish finder and LED courtesy lights don't draw too much current and are not a big factor.

    Personal preference here, but I always have 2 (or more) batteries in my boats, 1 bad battery could ruin your day. In my jon boat I have 2 - group 31 batteries and I can troll for 6 hours when it's time to swap them out, 45# trolling motor on speed 2 or 3. If I'm not trolling I can go 2-3 days on those batteries, night fishing with fluorescent lights or using the trolling motor for positioning the boat.

    Weight can also be a consideration, 2- group 31 batteries weigh about 130# so smaller batteries can have an advantage. But then you are sacrificing reserve power, bigger battery = more stored power.

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    Default Re: How many batteries do I need?

    First I do not think your trolling motor is 30 Hp, Maybe 30 pounds of thrust.
    You could probably get by with one Large battery. Bottom line you do not need the battery to start the motor.

    I also have a 167 pound 14 foot aluminum boat and I carry a battery just for navigation lights, Frogging Spotlights and a bildge pump.

    If you motors is a pull start only then it may not have any battery charging wire either.

    Adding weight to small boats make a big diffence in how it planes.

    If it very important that the fish finder always work then one small battery and one large group 27 or 31 battery would for sure work for you.

    14 foot Aluminum boats usually will have the trolling motor set on the lowest power. They also do not catch as much wind as larger boats so if your using the trolling motor to control the boat for bass fishing working the shore line then I would try it with one battery first. Make sure to always fully recharge your battery as soon as possible. Battery left discharged will not last long.

    If you still need to add navigation lights then consider LED Lights. They cost a lot more but use a lot less power. Also installing a live well and pump make sure to get a Pump switch that has a adjustalbe timer for on time. Set it to run 1 minute out of every 5 to 10 minutes will be enough to keep your fish healthy on all but the very hotest days if the live well has any insulation.

    If you will be trolling constantly like for Trout or Salmon and run the Live well pump constantly then You may need two batteries.
    Have some fun and enjoy the Great Outdoors.
    Love to fish out of Bodega Bay, California.

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    Default Re: How many batteries do I need?

    MinnKota Endura 30hp model???? do you mean 30 lb thrust. it would take a bunch of batteries for a 30hp motor. i use all led lights, navigation, etc. i have an led light at each fishing station. i use a group 27 deep cycle battery. these also come in handy night fishing, you can get them at walmart.
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    Default Re: How many batteries do I need?

    i agree, 2 batteries min. on the bass boat i have three. 2 for the trolling and 1 for the cranking motor. on the big boat, 3 as well. 1 for the cranking motor, i for the trolling motor, and one for the trailer winch and other accessories.
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    Smile Re: How many batteries do I need?

    I think that Boatist hit the nail on the head. Only you can really make that call. Adding the extra weight of another battery plus just the extra room that it takes up in a 14 boat will make a big difference. You can usually find the amp draw for most equipment and then with some simple math figure out what you battery lift will be if everything is being used at the same time (Worse case scenario). Me, I would do it the simple way and the cheaper way, I would start with one battery and if that comes up short for the type and length of you fishing trips than add another battery in parallel. The good thing is if you are out fishing and use up all the battery, you can still get home. Pull start engines do have their advantages. What ever you decide, good luck on those fishing trips.

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