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    Default Depth finder install

    I was wanting to install a depth finder gauge on my boat. I was wondering how difficult it is to install these. Also which would you recommend the transom mount or in-hull transducer?

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    Default Re: Depth finder install

    Itís not bad if youíve had a little wiring experience. Youíll need to fish wires from the helm to the bilge and youíll need a 2Ē hole for the gauge.

    Go here and click on ďHDR 610Ē for mounting instructions for Humminbirdís gauge to give you an idea of the steps involved.

    Iíd use the in hull mount if your boat is fiberglass. Itíll make for a lot cleaner looking installation and should read fine.

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    Default Re: Depth finder install

    On the in hull installation you have to be very careful that you donít have any air bubbles in the glue between the transducer and the hull. You will get a more accurate reading with water depth with the in hull set up. Depending on your boat the transom mount itís usually about a foot higher than the bottom of the boat and bottom of motor. Keep this in mind when in shallow water

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