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    Default Ref: The nurse killed in Dallas

    They found her body about 9 miles from my house.

    Police worked Monday to identify the remains of what may be Jennifer McCallum, a 35-year old nurse and mother from Plano who went missing May 3.

    The Dallas Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Monday afternoon that they had positively identified the body found late Saturday in Freestone County as Jennifer McCallum, according to an unidentified field agent.

    Officer Rick McDonald, a spokesperson for the Plano Police Department, said Monday afternoon that police had not received a positive identification for the decomposed body from the Dallas Medical Examiner’s Office.

    “I don’t think they have dental records to compare it to. We have no confirmation on anything except that it is a body,” McDonald said. “At this time, we can’t you tell you that it is definitely Jennifer McCallum.”

    Police said they have kept the McCallum family updated on identification of the body.

    “We have not told the family that it is positively her, yet,” McDonald said. “We have had several conversations, but we have not told them that it is her.” Curtis Lee Armstrong, McCallum’s ex-husband reportedly passed a note to a jailer at the Collin County Jail detailing the location of his ex-wife’s remains, according to a Saturday Freestone County Sheriff’s report.

    The remains of a female body covered with lime, sand and brush were discovered by the Plano Police Department at about 10 p.m. Saturday in the wooded median area of I-45 near mile marker 187, according to the report.

    The body was about halfway into the emergency turn around-section of the median, 10 yards into the woods, according to the report and Chief Deputy Don Anderson, a spokesperson for the Freestone County Sheriff’s Office.

    “There is a large wooded area south of Dew. That is where the body was found, in between the northbound and southbound lanes (of I-45),” Anderson said.

    Freestone County Justice of the Peace Theresa Farris was called to conduct a death inquiry at 1:15 a.m. Sunday, according to Anderson and the report.

    “At this time, I think the medical examiner’s office has jumped the gun on identifying the body,” Farris said. “I spoke with (the Plano Police Department) this morning. They preferred that I wouldn’t say anything else than what was on their press release. I would love to tell you all about it. It is very interesting, but I just can’t.”

    McDonald declined Monday to comment on the circumstances of the discovery made by the Plano Police Department Saturday in Freestone County.

    Armstrong, 37, of Dayton was being detained Monday on $500,000 bail at the Collin County Jail.

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    Default Re: Ref: The nurse killed in Dallas

    What a tragedy. Let's hope they have the perp.
    Hey, Have you seen? They make Really Cool life preservers nowadays.
    So "Looking Dorky" is no longer an excuse for not wearing one.

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