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    Default short shaft ON long transom?

    I have a boat that is a long transom (19").... And I have a short shaft 40hp 1995 Johnson TILLER steer outboard. So....My question is; Can I use this outboard on my boat IF I use a jack plate? For example, will a fixed jack plate allow me to mount this low enough on transom to have cavitation plate where it needs to be AND still be able to use tiller handle and a engine controls? Or will lowering outboard a couple inches cause the tiller handle to hit the transom and not be able to turn / tilt.
    (the plate I'm thinking about will set outboard back 4"). oh, and boat is a Tracker Grizzly 1648
    Please advise.

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    Default Re: short shaft ON long transom?

    Jack plates work much better for a long shaft motor on a short shaft boat.

    I'd say your steering will be close if not impeded.
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    Default Re: short shaft ON long transom?

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