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    Default SE Sport 300/Edge Hydrofoil Comparison

    I have been hearing really good things about both the Edge and SE Sport 300 hydrofoils. It seems they both do a great job of getting you out of the hole and up on plane. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with both of these hydrofoils that could give a good side by side comparison. My main question is which one has the least negative effect on top end speed? I have heard the SE Sport 300 is the fastest in comparative tests, but others have said the SE Sport is the next best thing to the Edge, but at a lower price. Can anyone tell me if the Edge is at least as good or better than the SE Sport 300 with regard to top end speed. I am leaning toward the Edge, so if you haven't had experience with both, but have used the Edge, I would be interested in knowing how the Edge affected your top end speed.

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    Default Re: SE Sport 300/Edge Hydrofoil Comparison

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    Default Re: SE Sport 300/Edge Hydrofoil Comparison

    If you are concerned about the cost, then concider that anything you put on the boat that slows it down is costing you fuel economy. At $2.00 per gallon the initial cost of any hydrofoil is only the beginning. The cost goes up everytime you leave the dock.
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