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    Default Outdrive comparisons

    OK, I'm not trying to start a "which is better, merc or Volvo" discussion. What I'm really after is what are the main differnces, positive and neg, between the two? (ie: easier to maintain, service, less costly to service, etc.)I know about the quieter shifting of the volvo, but the new generation alpha is suppose to be just as quiet.

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    Default Re: Outdrive comparisons

    One issue is if you go with a newly introduced product - (whatever brand it is) there aren't going to be as many low cost replacement parts on the market.

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    Default Re: Outdrive comparisons

    I recently posted a very similar question on the Mercruiser/Volvo forum. Maybe it'll help you, too. I'll choose Volvo for mine.;f=24;t=013860

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    Default Re: Outdrive comparisons

    FWIW, Mercs are like SBCs - part are widely available (including aftermarkets) and everybody knows how to work on them. They have a big parts and dealer network and finally, plenty of info for DIY. If you're buying brand new, it shouldn't matter for a few years but as time passes, it becomes more important IMHO.

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