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    Default Make my own Sunbrella cockpit cover?

    I am wondering if anyone has tried to make their own cockpit cover? I need to get a cockpit cover and would like to make it myself. I was planning on using Sunbrella fabric and a nylon thread. Has anyone attempted to do this on their own? If so, do you have any advice?ThanksChris

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    Default Re: Make my own Sunbrella cockpit cover?

    Chris, There's some information in this thread

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    Default Re: Make my own Sunbrella cockpit cover?

    Go for it. My wife did and she's got a new career going now. Sailright can get you material, or possibly a local canvas shop. Don't skimp on the thread, it's always the first part to go, even if you buy the best available. You will need a good machine to handle it, preferably with a walking foot. If you don't have one, find one or give up now. You may be able to rent one. Expect to save about 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of just getting one made, not including the cost of any tools you may need to buy.

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    Default Re: Make my own Sunbrella cockpit cover?

    Chris-P, I made several covers for my speedboat using a fabric similar to Sunbrella, as well as all the vinyl cushions for my bowrider using marine vinyl. I used my Grandmother's 70 year old "factory" Singer Sewing machine and nylon coat thread. That machine could stich through six layers of vinyl, without a problem. I am considering making a replacement one piece Sunbrella cover for my bowrider. I have priced the semi-custom covers by Overton's and others, and they are $500-$700, and they are not what I want or need.BoatUS sells Sunbrella as well as other marine fabric and vinyl. They will send samples if you are looking for a certain color.

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    Default Re: Make my own Sunbrella cockpit cover?

    I've sewed a bunch of boat canvas and have several machines...commercial and home type. There are some good deals on that "auction" site for Sunbrella. Use bonded polyester thread with the longest straight stitch the machine will give. Bonded feeds better and poly resists the sun better. DON'T buy the "heavy duty" thread from the local sewing store unless you want to deal with more hassles.Like already mentioned, home machines made before the 70s work ok with Sunbrella. I have a 1955 Domestic (White/Sears) that sews Sunbrella beautifully. They aren't walking foot machines so you will have to adjust pressure on the foot to near max to get the heavy material to feed best. Tension on the larger than normal thread generally needs increasing too. These machines are available on that famous auction site for around $50 in perfect condition.Go with a V69 thread and #16 needle, it will do 4+ layers of Sunbrella.

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    Default Re: Make my own Sunbrella cockpit cover?

    Hi Forum I am new here. Thanks for all information.

    Do you have proposal how to sew the edges of a cockpit cover and what kind of sewing technique will be used.
    If you are putting two pieces of sunbrella together, what do you use to secure the stich for leaking water and how do you perform the egdes to keep the stainless steel snaps in position and they don,t wear out.

    What do you use to do a pattern before you start cutting the good material?

    I hope to find a tutorial or something on You tube.


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    Default Re: Make my own Sunbrella cockpit cover?

    hi monette, welcome to Iboats .... this thread is 7 years old.... generally you would start a new topic for a new question so as to avoid confusion..... I don't know the answer to your question but I'm sure someone else will

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