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    Default Kenzie Kraft Info?

    We just bought a 68 Kenzie Kraft 16 foot fiberglass fishing boat with a 73 Johnson 50 OB and forward controls with stick steering; seems a pretty good cobmination for an older fishing boat and it goes across the water quite well. I looked for Kenzie Kraft info on the web and found only a few references to Kenzie Baird in Flippin Arkansas where the boat was manufactured. Anyone out there know anything about Kenzie Kraft boats, how long Kenzie was in business, or what models they offered? Perhaps Ranger was too much competition in a small town like Flippin, but the Kenzie seems a good solid product for the time frame.

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    Default Re: Kenzie Kraft Info?

    Manufacturer ID code for Kenzie Karft is KKB, you can more info uscgboating web site, see the link below:

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    My uncle purchased Kenzie Kraft in the mid to late 70s and moved it to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I worked for him in 1980. The oil bust and high interest rates crippled the boat business and I guess only the large companies survived. Kenzie Kraft was a totally hand built boat and the quality was top notch. The folks around Flippin & Mountain Home will tell you that Kenzie Kraft boats are among the best ever made. I went to Bull Shoals lake with my uncle to deliver a special order boat and I couldn't believe that there were so many Kenzies, especially old boats still in perfect condition, on the lake. If you want to talk to my uncle he has an email but I don't know it. His name is John and he can be reached through his daughter at email not allowed. I am sure he would be happy to tell you more about Kenzie Kraft.

    Edit: i removed the email addy. i'm sure his daughter doesn't want 10,000 spam messages.

    you guys can use the PM message service, to communicate the contact info.

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