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    Default How to dry water out of boat

    I have a lowe 1677wt aluminum boat. The boat has a floor with flotation under it. it is Dec. and in the 20-30 here in PA. My question is what is the best way to dry under the floor?

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    Default Re: How to dry water out of boat

    If the flotation foam is wet removing it is the only option.
    Park it with the bow high and the plug out with a waterproof cover.
    Wet foam will start rotting the floor over time.

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    Default Re: How to dry water out of boat

    welcome to i boats !

    this place is boat university.......any question ever asked about a boat has been answered in great detail on these forums at one time or another....

    and gary above is totally correct......the wet foam will never ever dry out.
    even IF you could some how dry it out....the first time you put the boat back in the water.....and a drop or two of water got to the foam.....the foam would soak it up like a sponge and you would be really heavy again.

    you need to take the foam out....seal the hull with gluvit....replace the foam (if you want) and re seal the deck.......done....good for 20 years
    The Hull Extension Thread
    great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.

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    Default Re: How to dry water out of boat

    As stated park it with the bow as high as you can, if it dribbles water for a couple days the foam is probably wet and needs to be removed.

    Pulled 300+ llbs of foam out of mine a couple years ago, makes the boat handle much better.
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    Default Re: How to dry water out of boat

    this get 99.9 % of water out of you boat as long as the foam is not wet. everyone should do this. bow high so water runs to transom drain. then take a T shirt, and cut a 2" x 18" strip from it. feed this thru the transom drain, with several inches laying in the bottom of the boat. this will wick out the final last bit of water, that does not drain. a lot of time this little bit of water is what starts transom rot.
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    Default Re: How to dry water out of boat

    and in the 20-30 here in PA.

    That water is staying put,... Atleast until you get another 2 into it....
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