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    Default how to convert 15" transom to 20" on Alumacraft T16-XL?

    First-time poster, many apologies if this topic has been covered before.

    I've just purchased a 1986 Alumacraft T16 XL V-bow, utility fishing boat, and wish to change the transom from 15" to 20" This is not a picture of this particular boat, but another just like it:

    I've just begun the process of looking for instructions on how to do this, and stumbled onto this picture:

    Very nice.

    So . . . how do I do this? Is there a kit out there?

    ANY help would certainly be appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    Default Re: how to convert 15" transom to 20" on Alumacraft T16-XL?

    It all depends on how you are using the transom. If you're looking to just raise the motor then you could build a simple riser block. If you're looking for more splash protection you can build a full transom all the way across. I think to do it right, I would take off the existing metal cap, take out the original wood, then put new wood in with a 5" rise.

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    Default Re: how to convert 15" transom to 20" on Alumacraft T16-XL?

    Here's a link to an alternate approach that provides for adjustments:

    Good luck with your project!

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