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    Default Garage length of Stingray 190 ?

    Does anybody know the garage length (exact feet and inches) of a new Stingray 190? This would be the shortest length front to back with a swingaway tongue trailer. You'd think this information would be very easy to find, many companies have it on their website and in brochures--not Stingray. One dealer told me "yes it will fit in your garage" but couldn't tell me how long it is. Another didn't respond to my email. I called the factory twice they didn't know but were going to go out and measure one in the yard and call me back. Never did.I know there are different trailers but you would think they would at least figure out how long it is on a national brand trailer. I can't be the only person in the country that is interested in the garage length.

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    Default Re: Garage length of Stingray 190 ?

    Carefull as far as width goes too! My boat trailer is just 3 inches too wide to fit through my doors and into my garage!

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    Default Re: Garage length of Stingray 190 ?

    Just a suggestion, but assume it will not fit until you prove the exact rig will fit. Probably have to put a tape on the one you are looking at. Height, width and total length.Garages are not the same, and boats rigged on diffrent trailers are not the same, so a dealer would have to take the 5th.The height may be what gets you.And then there are lots of different trailers with different dimensions.Oh yes and then there are the garages that have to be turned into, making backing a trailer at least a challenge if not impossible.Be careful and Good Luck!

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