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    Default Cleaning boat engine compartment

    My sterndrive's engine compartment (its a 91) is getting a little nasty. Old greesy oil caked up on the sides, and just general stuff from water being in there in the past, etc.

    What kinda of cleaners can I use in there with out harming the boat? Is engine degreaser safe? What about cleaners with bleach?

    I'll do what I can with soap and water, but I'd like to get it sparking clean.

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    Default Re: Cleaning boat engine compartment

    Gotta tell ya..any of the lanolin hand cleaners work well!

    They work on cold grease without water so ya dont have to have a hot motor like the automotive stuff.

    Safe, non toxic and can really cut that old grime..dab a bunch on a dish sponge and get to it!

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    Default Re: Cleaning boat engine compartment

    They make liquid bilge cleaners for just this purpose. Biodegradable liquid. Pour some in the bilige, add some water, drive around a while and then pump it out. They work great. I've also used Simple Green in the same maner with good results. See link

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    Default Re: Cleaning boat engine compartment

    I use dawn dish soap and a toilet bowl brush
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    Default Re: Cleaning boat engine compartment

    Well I'll tell ya what worked great for me while I was killing ants(differant thread). Mr Clean (orange) cleaner, while I was killing the ants I was like Hmm hate to waste the bucket full, so I cleaned under all the seat cushions(bow) the PFD storage(cooler) and the bilge compartment and both side compartments on either side of engine and it worked great for me!! I am not saying, thats what works best, Only I was very happy with the results and my boat smelled like oranges for a week, Oh origanly was looking to use something that was pet safe and these guys right here on Iboats recommended orange cleaner, Thats why I used it Boat was sqeaky clean!!

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    Default Re: Cleaning boat engine compartment

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