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Thread: Boat Manual

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    Where can I get a owners manual for my bass boat. It is a 1997 Travis Edition Cobra Viper bass boat?Thanks!

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    You could try searching for it on

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    probably won'tbe able to find one, unless you get real lucky.

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    I was wondering if anyone found a manual for the Cobra by Viper?

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    You can get a manual for the engine but the boat itself more than likely not, they just don't make them.

    With a car they will have 300,000-500,000 units so they cna spread the cost of a manual over many unit, you boat they may have made as few as 50 in a year so it simply isn't cost effective to make a manual.

    Even new boat usually come with a bunch of legal warnings and the instructions for the stereo and that is about it.

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