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    Default Bimini top for 1970 Starcraft Trihull

    Looking for advise on adding / measuring for a bimini top for a 1970 Starcraft Trihull, 15 ft. Info I'm looking at doesn't tell me if the tops will fold forward or backward or will the frame bar remain across the top of boat ( which would really be inconvenient)

    Any suggestions / comments appreciated. Can post a pic of the boat if that will help.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Bimini top for 1970 Starcraft Trihull

    You need to figure out how tall you want the bimini... if you want to be able to stand up then take measurements from there. Typically they will fold aft. But if you flip it 180 you can make it fold fwd if that works better for you. Measure the width of the mounting locations, the height, and figure out what color of canvas... and ORDER ONE! It will be the best purchase for your boat you have ever made... trust me.
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    Default Re: Bimini top for 1970 Starcraft Trihull

    All I did for mine was measure the distance between the center of one gunnel to the center of the other and then figure out what height I wanted and ordered the appropriate top. When it arrived, I positioned it so that when folded down, it would sit nicely along the top of my splashwell.

    It has been a very nice upgrade. Got mine from here: and am quite pleased with it for the price.
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    Default Re: Bimini top for 1970 Starcraft Trihull

    My 3 bow Bimini will fold forward or backward with the pivot rod in the center and support straps front and back, but we usually fold towards the back to be more out of the way. The center support rod(pivot) folds also, so it's all clear when it's down. I can stand up and walk around under mine without stooping and I like it like that, but some folks like their tops to be lower for better looks and maybe some better rain ptotection(the higher the top, the more rain might come in the sides). My top is a turquoise colored coated Sunbrella Fabric which costs more but seems to hold up very well(my boat and top is a 1999 model). Another good item is a zippered boot that covers and protects your top while it's folded down..keeps the UV/weather off of it! Study up on the subject and pick the one that fits your needs. Good Luck!

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