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    Default best place to sell a boat online...

    My sig is my boat.

    I know from the FAQ here trying to sell goods in the forum is a no no. Because of that, I'll keep details at a minimum.

    Basically I rebuilt the trailer this year, and had a strict maintenance schedule for the engine according to the service manual and I've put a lot into the engine. The boat needs new vinyl for the seats, new carpet, and a new canvas. But it doesn't look like the stuff you see on CL where someone left the boat in their yard uncovered for a couple of years - it just looks like it's from 1991, which is when it was made.

    Anyways, I know I wont get back the money I put into it, but i'd like to get back what I paid for her.

    It's been on CL with no bites....

    any suggestions as to where? does have a listing section that I am not finding? any luck with ebay?

    [edit] I should not that my price point is around $4,000, a lot of sale sites I see sell used boats in the $20k or up range.
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    Default Re: best place to sell a boat online...

    yep, list it on iboats classifieds.. that's where i got my boat from...
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    Maybe your price is just to high for the condition of the boat. If you live on long island sound, finding a local buyer will probably be tough for that open bow searay. Try listing it in different areas on craigslist.

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    Default Re: best place to sell a boat online...
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    Something tells me I should be on the water....

    If I answer your upholstery questions, it's only because I've been doing it 20+ years...

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    Default Re: best place to sell a boat online...

    Yeah, ebay. Gets the most exposure.
    I also sold a boat a few years back after listing it (free) on powerboatlistings.
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    Default Re: best place to sell a boat online...

    Use photobucket to host nice large clear pictures of your boat in your CL ad. Still upload at least one pic to CL that way the ad retains it's "pics" icon. If you've got any video, link to that as well. ANYTHING you can do to show and emphasize that your boat is turn-key water ready will set yours apart from the junk that's been sitting.
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    Default Re: best place to sell a boat online...

    In my 4 month buying search last spring, I found CL listed boats to be mostly ones in bad shape. Boats that I imagine most brokers didn't want to handle.

    I wasn't impressed with the ebay boats I called on either.

    I have sworn off both for boat buying.
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    Default Re: best place to sell a boat online...

    maybe you could sell it to a local dealer, around here they buy used boats,
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    Default Re: best place to sell a boat online...

    Bought my boat from E-bay.

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