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    Default Anyone know about Wellcraft 192 Classic

    I am looking at a Wellcraft 192 20 ft. classic cuddy being advertised. The owner says its 20 ft, year 1989, 4.3L, 175 hp. I can't find that Wellcraft made a 20 foot 192 Classic in this size. Anyone have any info?

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    Default Re: Anyone know about Wellcraft 192 Classic

    goto and do a search with your criteria. try different year or might work. good luck

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    Default Re: Anyone know about Wellcraft 192 Classic

    I've owned an 89 classic 192 for 4 seasons now and I like the boat a lot. I replaced the lousy stock charging system with a retrofit alternator kit. I did some of the work and paid my mechanic to pull the harmonic balancer. It's an excellent improvement. If the 165 motor is running well, then you should have a good experience, if you take care of it. It has enough power to do what you want, but still good on gas if you go lightly. I replaced the starboard back to back seats with a bucket seat and the boat now has a ton of floor space, more than most. The cuddy is functional for my young kids on the weekends. My wife and I sleep on the boat a couple times a year. I'd love if the cuddy was bigger but it is pretty comfortable for two once you cram yourself in.
    All that said, great boat, but I would say save a little more money and buy either the Excel cuddy or a Nova, which are just awesome boats. The Nova is a sick boat. I drove one with a 496 mag and it flew. The cuddy was huge too. Another con about the 192, it was made as a river boat, so it's not all that comfortable on chop. Put it on flat water and it flies. hit me back if you have any more questions.

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    Default Re: Anyone know about Wellcraft 192 Classic

    I had a 84 sunhatch 196 cuddy for quite a while and I loved it. I think its very similar to the one your looking at. Mine was a pretty deep V for a 19 1/2 footer so it handled the chop quite well. Also it had a 235 hp outboard on it all in all it was a great boat I could put ALL of my stuff in the cuddy for a 3-4 day trip on the lake with my family and if the weather got bad we could stay dry in there as well. It wasn't huge but do able with two young kids.

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    Default Re: Anyone know about Wellcraft 192 Classic

    just make sure it does in fact have the 4.3 V6 not the 3.7L four cylinder the other poster mentioned. I believe this is actually a 19' boat hence the no records found for a 20'

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    Default Re: Anyone know about Wellcraft 192 Classic

    I am, an owner of a 1989 Wellcraft 192 Classic 4.3 175hp and we love it....but you will always want more floor space. My wife and I and our 2 teen age girls use it to boat/ski/tube/fish with their friends. I have a stock aluminum 19p prop and 21p one for tubing/sking and the other for boating. the 192 classic is 19'2'' according to Wellcraft the 4.3 175hp 2 barrel runs all weekend on a tank of fuel for us.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Anyone know about Wellcraft 192 Classic

    I have a 1991 192 Sport, which is almost the same. Good boat, but now having to do some renovation to the floor/seats as they're old.

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