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    Default Transom Epoxy sealer

    I bought a 1967 Starcraft boat, 15 foot Aluminum.
    It had a plywood transom that was badly rotted. I have the new transom all cut and drilled to go in. I have heard I should coat the wood with epoxy to seal the wood and prevent future rot.
    What kind of epoxy is normally used for this application.
    Thanks in advance for any advise!

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    Default Re: Transom Epoxy sealer

    Welcome to iboats!

    When they talk about epoxy sealer, it usually means this. However, I think that's overkill for your application. A few coats of exterior polyurethane should work just fine, and cost a lot less. Be especially generous on the edges, and coat the insides of any holes you drill though it.
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    Default Re: Transom Epoxy sealer

    There are many types of epoxy that would work to protect your transom. MAS is my favorite. System3, Gluvit, and West Systems would also work just fine. Sealing all surfaces & edges is very important. Any type of epoxy must be over-coated to ward off the effects of UV. A good spar varnish or paint should be applied over sanded epoxy.

    Good Luck!
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    Default Re: Transom Epoxy sealer

    Before you poly your edges go get some Tite Bond glue. It's made specificially for wood. Mix a 50-50 mixture of glue and water. Give it (the edges) a good coat and let it dry. Maybe an hour or two at most. Coat again. Let dry. 3 rd coat completely cover the ply. The glue and water will fill all the pores in the wood. Than apply a couple of coats of poly. I know some people will say the just poly it but the glue is like an insurance and only costs a couple of bucks at any box store.

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    Default Re: Transom Epoxy sealer

    Thanks for the responses. The only marine supply store nearby is West marine.
    Is there a product they sell that would work. They carry a few different epoxies but I am not sure which would be best for this use.

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