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    Default Rotech Steering system

    I have an 86 seaox and i am installinga rotech t71 steering system (cables not hydrolic) and i was seeing if anyone has advice, instructions or experience with this. The boat is my fathers and he told me to fix it up and sell it. So it is obvious to say i do not know what i am doing. please help


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    Default Re: Rotech Steering system

    Ayuh,........ Never heard of Rotech,.......

    Teleflex is the most common......
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    Default Re: Rotech Steering system

    I think Rotech is Teleflex, actually. I just bought a kit for my 14' inflatable - it says Rotech on the box, but it's the same ol' Teleflex system inside.

    What was the question about it?
    The cable rolls into the steering box. The other end mounts to the steering of an outboard or an i/o etc depends which system you got.

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    Default Re: Rotech Steering system

    I'm installing one in my Whaler. It works just like a Teleflex. The instructions are pretty self explanatory.

    If you do have the instructions, PM me with a fax number. I can fax them to you.

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