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    Default 87 skeeter transom repair

    Hey guys, i'm looking to repair my transom with seacast pourable transom repair. my question, can i pull the cap off this particular boat by just removing the rub rail? and is it screws all around or rivets too? or can you just cut the fiberglass cap thats hid under aluminum plate where motor is mounted? will that give enough room to tear out wood? i hear that digging the wood out is horrible, i dont want to pull off cap if there is alot of special stuff to do to "reseal" the cap or what ever. thanks

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    Default Re: 87 skeeter transom repair

    Did that job on a different kind of boat and it came out great. Remove the rub rail and use a angle head grinder to remove the fiberglass cap from across the top. Remove the old wood from the transom, a chainsaw and long drills are the main tools and pour it full of Seacast level with the top. Then fiberglass a new cap on to seal the Seacast and reattach the "rubrail".You couldn't tell mine had been into but was it solid?

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    Default Re: 87 skeeter transom repair

    Just totally rebuilt my 87 skeeter. New floor,stringers,and transom. I pulled the cap and rebuilt everything with new wood and fiberglass/epoxy. The cap comes off by removing a combination of screws and rivets. Not real complicated just time consuming. The stringers were the hardest part. The boat is better than new now and should last longer than me since I overdrilled all holes and filled them with fiberglass so all bolts go into glass and not wood. If your transon is rotted I bet your floor and foam is also wet,mine was a mess. If you are going to remove the cap you might as well do a little extra and pull the floor also. Good luck.

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