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    Default 1992 Crownline 196 br floor

    I recently picked up a 1992 Crownline 196 BR. There is a soft spot in the floor on the side of the ski storage area in front of the captains seat. When the boat is in motion and turning to the right it feels like the floor is flexing with the hull. The floor on the other side is solid and doesn't seem to flex at all. I am prepared to replace the floor, but could the flexing be a sign of more extensive issues? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: 1992 Crownline 196 br floor

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    The flexing may indicate a bad stringer.
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    Default Re: 1992 Crownline 196 br floor

    Soft spots in the deck are usually an indication of much more extensive problems. I've just finished rebuilding my second boat, both had "soft spots" (although with the second boat I knew what kind of prject I was taking on - I'd consider it to be a basket case when I started restoring it).

    A deck develops soft spots because the plywood beneath the fiberglass is rotting, due to repeated and prolonged contact with water. Likely included in the deal are wet flotation foam and bad stringers. Also a high probability is a wet and/or rotting transom.

    I'd guess that because you can actually feel the deck flex your problems have progressed to a fairly advanced stage.

    I'm fairly sure this isn't what you want to hear, but you really need to find and fix these problems before your boat becomes a safety issue.

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    Default Re: 1992 Crownline 196 br floor

    This boat came with plywood floors. The flexing only seems to occur in that one area. What is involved in repairing/replacing stringers?

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    Default Re: 1992 Crownline 196 br floor

    Head on over to the Resto section of the forum and look through some of the threads there.
    There are a lot of projects with pictures and tips on replaceing the deck, transome and stringers.
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    Default Re: 1992 Crownline 196 br floor

    Quote Originally Posted by fstss10 View Post
    This boat came with plywood floors.
    Do you mean to say it's bare plywood without so much as fiberglass cloth or matt over it?

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    Default Re: 1992 Crownline 196 br floor

    I realize this is an older thread, but a buddy of mine just picked up a used 1992 Crownline 196BR with extensive floor rot. This boat has been out and uncovered for several years. The main soft spot is over where the ski locker "used" to be. The previous owner had it removed and glassed over because they never used it and said it always had water in it. He bought the boat super cheap,,, basically for the price of the trailer, so he can sink some cash in it to do the repairs, but we may find it needs alot more than we anticipated. At this point, it looks like floor and likely stringer replacement, 50-75% interior vinyl replacement, minor engine work, gimble bearing, bellows, impeller, possible steering cable, and some flaking gelcoat on the bottom right next to where the trailer bunk sets. We are planning to get the engine running, take it for a short 5-10 minute trial run to verify mechanical issues, then pull the drive and do the bellows and gimble bearing and impeller. We will also do something about the gelcoat to eliminate further issues. Then this winter will likely be when we take on the floor and stringers as it's a larger job. The nice thing is the floor appears to be 100% flat (unlike my Rinker 182), so I am hoping it isn't too bad. Is there anything special I need to be looking out for or be prepared for? I have worked with fiberglass very minimally, and years ago on a camper, but I know boats are different to some degree. The floor I think is pretty straight forward, but the stringers it was has me a little scared. Any input is appreciated.

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    Default Re: 1992 Crownline 196 br floor

    Please start your own thread kleake.
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