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    Cool History on Blue Fin/Spectrum

    Just signed on this site, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
    I have serial number but nothing else on this boat and would like to find a manual. #BFFL95VAL192 It came with a 90hp Force


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    Default Re: History on Blue Fin/Spectrum


    Try looking at this post... it contains an address and phone number.

    Unfortunately, I think that most people have had little luck in getting any information on their BlueFin boat. In fact, Brunswick couldn't even validate my HIN.

    What do you need to know about your boat? If you can tell us which BlueFin model it is, then perhaps we can help you out.
    1988 Blue Fin Sportsman 1700
    1988 Force 85 hp
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    Default Re: History on Blue Fin/Spectrum

    Thanks for the response, the boat is up at the lake right now but I will dig around some more next time we're up. The father in-law said the serial # was all he could find. It looks very similar to the pictured boat at the link you sent, just a little different on the dash. The tank capacity is one thing I would like to know, because the gauge isn't very accurate. And when you fill it at the pump it acts like the breather tube is plugged,(spitting back up before its filled, if you fill to fast). I have blown back through the breather outlet with compressed air a couple of times, and can here the tank bubbling. It also seems to run a little better with the filler cap lose. I had to replace the pick-up hose last spring, and the breather tube didn't appear to be pinched. Getting tired of spending 15 minutes at the pump. Thanks again.

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