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Fit To Be Towed: Staying Fit With and For Tow Sports -By Zenon Bilas


  • Fit To Be Towed: Staying Fit With and For Tow Sports -By Zenon Bilas


    Photo: Zenon Bilas

    Zenon-Barefooting.jpgWhile each tow sport will give your body a full workout, some target certain muscle groups really well and appeal to various ages. And those muscle groups need to be ready for the summer of fun. For example, jumping the wakes on a wakeboard or trick ski, doing spins and inverts in the air really work the abdominal area and appeals to young people.
    Slalom skiing back and forth across the boat wake works arms, legs, and back quite well. No surprise that adults especially like the challenge of slalom.
    In barefooting, tumble turns and deep water starts work the abs in addition to providing an incredible overall workout.
    Although trick skiing takes place at 20 mph or slower, don't underestimate its efficiency: the slow speed allows you to do more tricks per pass, which builds endurance. In addition to the classic events, there's even more tow sports to choose from - such as wake surf, wake skate, and kneeboarding.
    As you grow in enthusiasm, you and your family will think more about body position and technique. Early on you'll discover that perfect balance over the bindings makes everything easier. This is a principle shared by all tow sports. Ditto for achieving your optimal body weight, which makes all sports easier. For sure, you will find a smile on your face behind the boat and will experience that healthy glow after each session.
    And don't forget to stretch before and after you hit the water; your muscles will like you for it.
    Whichever tow sport you choose, you will improve core strength, endurance, and balance while having a fun with family and friends. Zenon Bilas is a 7-time U.S. Barefoot Water Ski Champion who has published magazine articles about the sport throughout the world. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Zenon coaches water skiers of all skill levels in slalom, wakeboard, trick and barefoot. Chat with Zenon or schedule a Water Ski Clinic at your site anywhere in the world at zenbilas@bellsouth.net or go to facebook.com
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