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Dangerous situation! [SHBT]


  • Dangerous situation! [SHBT]

    As always, Stupid Human Boating Tricks from our very own iboats.com Forums and I Love Boating Facebook page.

    Posted by Expidia, Lieutenant Commander
    I try and get away from ramps ASAP but . . .

    It's still dangerous out there no matter what you do . . . Yesterday we tied our boat up to a town dock and my wife waited with the boat while I got the trailer to pull the boat out. As I was walking up the ramp an 18 or 20 foot boat was just sliding off the trailer on the side of the ramp. I could hear the boat owner's friend talking to my wife about the weather as he held the lines and tied the boat off. She was standing in the middle of the dock, right next to his boat as it was being tied up directly opposite our boat.

    As I and the other boat owner walked down the ramp together to our boats, we noticed his friend sitting in his boat with it already running.

    I got a quick sickening feeling in my stomach when I heard the boat owner say to his friend . . . "Did you turn my blowers on?", and the friend's reply back . . . "What's a blower"?

    All I could picture was his boat blowing up into smithereens along with my Wife standing right next to it.

    It's like I don't have enough to remember already when launching and retrieving . . . now I can add another one to my list . . . don't be around anyone starting his "inboard" while at the dock.

    [Editor's note: This particular SHBT post contains additional comments and feedback from members about the need for blowers, venting gas fumes, and more - a great reminder on the dangers of gas fumes. Recommended reading!]
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