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Spectrum Color Gel Coats


  • Spectrum Color Gel Coats

    Is your gel coat cracked? iboats has the solution to that problem. In September, 2011 iboats welcomed Spectrum Color to our family of products. Spectrum Color is a do-it-yourself gel coat repair product. This easy to use product has helped thousands of people repair, or restore, the gel coat on their boat. With our easy to use finder, you just need to find the manufacturer of your boat, the year and the color and we will ship you the gel coat to match your boat. Have large repairs? That’s okay, because Spectrum is sold by the gallon or quart. Have a small chip? That’s okay, too, because Spectrum Color also has an easy to apply repair kit. So this fall season, make sure you get your boat ready for next year with Spectrum Color and iboats.
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