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Insurance Corner | Pirates, Pirates Everywhere


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  • Insurance Corner | Pirates, Pirates Everywhere

    When was the last time you feared pirates as a threat to the safety of your boat? For those of you who are smirking, we're not talking about Jack Sparrow, but pirates who are technically defined as those who make a living by boat and motor theft. As the economy worsens, boat theft has skyrocketed, and the National Boat Owners Association has made it a priority to educate boat owners on theft prevention tactics and safety practices.

    Much of the advice we can offer is simple and promotes diligence. For starters, do not leave your keys in the boat's ignition, even if you have just stepped onto a dock to refuel. Boaters find camaraderie among fellow boaters; it is hard to imagine that one of our own would steal from us. Even so, always be conscientious of your surroundings.

    If you store your boat at home, make sure the bow faces away from the street to deter easy access, or move your boat to a fenced-in area or the garage. Either remove the bolts to take off the hitch of your trailer, or use a lock. If your boat is in the water, make sure you lock the hatches and opening ports, as well as outboard motors and fuel tanks, and close all windows and blinds. If your boat is at a marina, make sure there is ample security, including a guard, security cameras, etc.

    You may be thinking, It's okay if my boat is stolen; I have marine insurance! As your policy defines your coverage in this instance, you really must consider the out of pocket deductible you must meet, and the precious time lost while waiting for your claim to process. Boat theft is always a lose-lose situation for all parties involved.

    NBOA Marine Insurance is a purveyor of value: quality, impeccable customer service and competitive insurance rates. We say it time and time again, at NBOA Marine Insurance, our marine insurance agents are also boating enthusiasts. We have extensive knowledge of the water, and have made it a priority to educate the marine savvy on the many things we have gathered throughout the years. To learn more about NBOA, visit www.nboat.com or call an agent directly at 1-800-248-3512.
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