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Let's Get Cook'n! | Stuffed New Zealand or Spanish Mackerel On Your Boat's Grill


  • Let's Get Cook'n! | Stuffed New Zealand or Spanish Mackerel On Your Boat's Grill

    Have more fun than any of those TV chef's with your own BBQ grill on board your own boat.

    Our friends at Kuuma Grills are providing monthly recipes to help highlight the fun of boating family cooking. Don't forget to check out the iboats.com FaceBook page 'I Love Boating' for your chance to win a beautiful Kuuma 160 BBQ grill for your boat.

    This looks delicious. Use your catch of the day or stop at the local market to get New Zealand or Spanish Mackerel for this recipe.

    Before you plan to BBQ on a plank soak your plank for about 12 hours to make sure it's really wet and will not simply start on fire in the grill. For this recipe, a rough sawn oak plank about 1" thick was used. Prep and mix 1/2 bag of fresh spinach, 1/2 large mango (or other similar flavored fruit), 1/2 sweet onion (white onion), one diced Anaheim (mild) pepper and two cloves of minced garlic all together.


    Clean and gut the fresh fish. Remove the head but you could leave the tail to use as a handle. Place the fish on the plank. Put most of the stuffing in the opened fish (photo below). We didn't but you could use some aluminum foil under the plank and just up the edges to catch any fluids and reduce the mess. Pre-heat the grill on low.


    Place the balance of the mix on top the fish. Place the planked fish on the grill and cook for 45 minutes. No, don't look at it, don't open the lid. Just let it cook. Enjoy.


    Find the Kuuma 160 grill and other sizes for your boating fun at: http://www.iboats.com/Kuuma-Stow-Go-BBQ/dm/view_id.685842.

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