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I Love Boating Posting Schedule


  • I Love Boating Posting Schedule

    We would like to announce our new posting schedule. The posting schedule is set up to provide useful information for boaters of all types. Whether you're a beginner or captain, we will have the information you can use.


    Mentor Mondays

    Mentor Mondays we will be providing weekly posts with new guides to fix, repair and maintain your current boat. This will be helpful to those who are avid boaters with out the technical experience.


    Technique Tuesday

    Technique Tuesday, where we will be providing useful and engaging information related to fishing and water sports. If we find any other boating techniques, we will also share them with you. This can help with selecting a new lure, bait, wake board or even how to get that extra flip in when jumping a wake.


    Win it Wednesday

    Win it Wednesdays, this day will soon become everyone's favourite. On Wednesdays, we will be holding our great prize give-aways. They're easy to enter and even easier to win. Check out our previous prizes.


    Talk Time Thursdays

    Talk Time Thursdays, a day where you can share your opinion on the selected subject. Every week we try to find information that can be discussed by everyone. Don't be scared to share your opinions on our boating forums and facebook fan page.


    Fun For All Friday

    Fun For All Friday is a day everyone will also enjoy. Straying away from the usual, we will be providing some engaging and awesome photos, videos and music. All of this related to the subject we love.


    Shiny & New Saturdays

    Shiny & New Saturdays, we will be showcasing our new products and boats from our New Boat Showroom.


    Super Sale Sundays

    Super Sale Sundays, will be open for our new promotions and specials. We may even provide discount codes and gifts.

    Now that you've looked through the new and improved schedule. Make sure you Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our mailing list!
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      We would like to announce our new posting schedule. The posting schedule is set up to provide useful information for boaters of all types. Whether you're a beginner or captain, we will have the information...
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