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Twas the iboater's Night Before Christmas


  • Twas the iboater's Night Before Christmas

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and all I could think
    Was about my boat, and my prayer it wouldn't sink.
    My boat had brought me so much joy this past year,
    I always felt such joy, when I put it in gear.

    My children were asleep, tucked into bed
    With dreams of boating, dancing through their head.
    The presents were tucked under the tree,
    Mostly boating gifts were in store for me.

    I had done all my holiday shopping
    At iboats, I browsed without stopping.
    Their service is friendly, their shipping fast.
    A boating store that is truly unsurpassed.

    A Carver Cover to protect my boat,
    Spectrum Color for a shiny gel coat.
    Iboats really did have it all,
    To order for Christmas, I know who to call.

    With all these gifts now wrapped so nice,
    And all at such a great, low price.
    This year on the lake, there will be a great splash
    With my new wakeboard, I surely won't crash.

    As I though of my boat, I couldn't help but weep,
    For twas Christmastime, and the snow was still deep.
    I turned my head, I went towards my room
    And said to myself "I can't wait for the flowers to bloom."
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