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Boating Destination - Dining under the Sea


  • Boating Destination - Dining under the Sea


    The underwater restaurant where you could enjoy your next meal.

    Have you ever wanted to eat a satisfying meal while tons of fish swim around you? Maybe not, but it would be a sensational experience! This is the first undersea restaurant, Ithaa, meaning "other of pearl" is unique. Located only 5 meters below water, this mostly acrylic structure can hold up to 14 people. A person would not need to fish for their dinner, but it would sure feel like it.

    First opened in 2005; the Ithaa has had many different meals go through its kitchen. M.J. Murphy Ltd. and Crown Company had the right idea when they manufactured the 270 degree roof, which allowed for a panoramic under water view. The transparent roof is what makes this experience one to remember. Being in the Republic of Maldives makes this a perfect destination for everything boating. Now it may not be somewhere your family will go, but it is a lovely place to take a date. As a person can see from the picture on the left, the tables only seat two.

    Not only may one get to experience the underwater dining, but the plates and silverware are also unique. This is something that everyone must experience, just imagine eating a fish, and that fish is swimming above you. The seafood is always fresh!


    Look at all of the fish around you.

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