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What is the difference between cover types?


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  • What is the difference between cover types?

    Custom Fit Covers, Semi-Custom Fit Covers, Universal Covers: What's the difference between the three?

    As a boat owner you know how important it is to keep your boat covered, whether it be kept in a lift, at the marina, on the side of your house, or in your garage. There is a boat cover for each of these scenarios, and even then, there are several different types of covers to choose from.

    Generally, cover manufacturers will break covers down into these three categories: Custom, Semi-Custom, and Universal. Universal covers are just that: They will fit just about any boat, depending on size, and could be compared to a basic tarp.

    A custom fit cover is a cover that is designed for an exact make, model, and year of a boat. These will fit your boat like a "glove", provided you do not have any additional customizations or aftermarket parts that will change its shape or size.

    A semi-custom fit cover is made for a style and size of boat, rather than for an exact model. Generally, these will be sold to fit, for instance, a bass boat with certain features, in a certain length and beam width. These will fit more like a "shower cap". These can normally be used for trailering, provided it fits snug and has straps attached to the trailer. Often times, measurements, namely the overall length and beam width, will be required to determine how well these covers will fit.

    Basically, you can gauge how well the cover will fit your needs based on these classifications and the above information. Keep these things in mind when searching for an appropriate cover.
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