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Living on a Boat


  • Living on a Boat

    Living on a boat could be a great adventure, as you can have the freedom to go wherever you want. It can be great to have the sense of community and adventure, but there are some important things to learn first about the requirements of living such a life. There are two choices: the classical sail or the modern power. The type of boat that you choose is determined mostly by the budget you may have available for spending. Before you decide to start a life on a boat you may need to have good reasons.

    Reasons for Living on a Boat

    One of the main reasons for which someone may want to live on a vessel is a change of lifestyle. If you are sick of living on dry land and want more freedom, tranquility and beauty, you can stop the boredom and depression cycles that many people experience on land by choosing to live on the ocean. 08.jpgMost people who have chosen this lifestyle are always in a good mood but this lifestyle is not for anyone. You have to be self-sufficient and to be always ready to help other sailors in case there is a need for help.

    People who love boats are very friendly towards other who has the same passion, so finding fellow sailors will not be a difficult test. The size of the vessel is not very relevant. The only thing that really matters is sharing the love for boats and the ocean. You will able to change the address whenever you want. Worrying about selling your house I also not relevant, because you will not take it with you. Packing is not needed, as you don’t have the chance to take too many assets with you.

    One of the reasons for which many people choose to live on a vessel is that they don’t need to accumulate stuff anymore if they live on a boat. As a consequence, you will live a much simpler life. If you like the ocean, but also sunrises and sunsets, then this adventure is definitely for you. Living in a house or apartment has its limitations and not being able to witness sunsets or sunrises is one of them.

    Things to Consider For Living on a Boat

    You may have to do a lot of research before you find the boat of your dreams. The secret is not to get the first cheap vessel that you find. Always make sure the vessel that you have chosen doesn’t have any leaks or mold. You need a way to generate electricity. Also, you need to make your own drinking water and to find a way to store it. Living on a boat always involves simplicity and minimalism. You will have to pay minimal bills and you are forced to own less stuff than if you would live in a house.

    Whenever you get a new item into your boat you should make room for it by eliminating another item. You must be aware that on a vessel you are the plumber, the electrician, the mechanic, the handyman and the carpenter. Of course, you can benefit from help that you can find in certain ports but you always have to be prepared to do things on your own. Before you start the adventure you have to be fully prepared physically and mentally. Remember that you will be in a way confined, so make sure you are prepared to live such a life.

    There is not a lot of space on a boat. All your clothes may have to fit in one or two suitcases. You can also rent a storage locker in a port. If you want to carry a computer with you, you have to decide between a laptop and a desktop. Ideal would be to use a single device that can perform multiple functions. A good example is an LCD TV that has a DVD player incorporated, along with a radio function. If you use a stove, the risk of fire is quite high on a boat, but it can be diminished if you carry a few working fire extinguishers on board. If you are embarking on a longer journey you definitely have to acquire a marine refrigerator. Now you know the major consideration for living on a boat, but there is one important thing that hasn’t been mentioned: you need legal permission.

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