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    Default Alumacraft Old ...What year? PICS Added

    Hello !

    This is my first post here so go easy on me

    I was given an old Alumacraft about 7 years ago and have had it up side down after using it a couple times till now.

    Since then and during that time I have restored many Chris Craft runabouts as a hobby and did not have time for this one.

    It is dark now so no good pictures. It has 4 seats , the one up front is small. Rounded nose with the double slotted hand grip. The seats are sealed and it has no drain hole. It has one very faded tag on the left side of the back of that front seat. No numbers anywhere. ....??? I think it might be a little gem that got lost along the way. Where exactly do I look for a production number I have seemingly looked EVERY WHERE LOL

    Thanks for your time , Mark

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    Default Re: Alumacraft Old ...What year?

    Ha! I just found A 7399

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    Default Re: Alumacraft Old ...What year?

    I am guessing "A" means an early year and the 7399 is how many were made to that point. I will take some pictures in just a bit.

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    Default Re: Alumacraft Old ...What year?

    Contact Alumacraft, send them the serial number and they can tell you what you have and the year. Looking forward to the pics.

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    Default Re: Alumacraft Old ...What year? PICS Added

    I put the photos at the top. You can see I had some engines hung just for looks. The transom has a crack to repair and a dent to bang out. Not really sure where to start.

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    Default Re: Alumacraft Old ...What year? PICS Added

    Model A is one of their earliest boats...available pre-1950 for sure. This was their 14 footer of that era. More narrow than the later F's, but with the classic AlumaCraft rounded bottom style. Rated for 12hp in that day. These are neat boats...I have a Model E from pre-1950 and its a wonderful fishing, rowing and small motor boat. Worth cleaning up, perhaps replacing the transom board, and ENJOYING. Contact AlumaCraft (number on this site many times previously...) and they can tell you the year. They didn't have that many models early on and made lots of them. And, of course, they hardly wore out with some care.

    Vintage Aluminum

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    Default Re: Alumacraft Old ...What year? PICS Added

    I have one that belonged to my grandfather.
    Still has Alumacraft decals on the sides at the rear.
    I'm sure its a 1960 or older.

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    Default Re: Alumacraft Old ...What year? PICS Added

    LOLOLOL WOW I wrote Alumacraft the following letter (...this is exact copy paste"

    my first letter
    Hello, I have been told from several Alumacraft owners that if I could contact Alumacraft to find out what year Boat I have and some info about it. My brother has a new Alumacraft and loves it. I had to start with a very used one It has A 7399 stamped into the metal at the rear. Could you tell me anything about it so I can register it properly and know what size motor to put onto it? Also do you sell the appropriate sticker to re Label the side to show boaters what I have and how long they last?\

    response letter

    Good Morning,

    Thank you for contacting the Alumacraft customer service area.

    In this same area where you located the 7399 there should be one or several letters before the number. Without the letter preceeding the numbers I do not have any means to narrow the search down to be correct.

    The serial number should be stamped on the angle bracket that comes from the transom to the splashwell on the inside of the boat.

    Debi K
    Alumacraft Customer Service

    My initial thought is this person must pronounce "A" or "a" as "uh"

    My response to her response to my question

    Sorry Debi,
    I do not know how to respond to this....I actually started laughing. because as my wife knows I am hopelessly literal and knew I included what you asked in my initial letter. Please re-read the question I sent you I wrote " It has A 7399 stamped into the metal at the rear" I used a Capital A for that specific reason , perhaps I should have asked..."It has "A" 7399 stamped..."

    Thank you again for your time, OK .

    Mark Campbell

    This seemed silly until I thought..." She needs a letter....I put a capital letter..."

    I should have used the wording as " A 7399..."

    I am sure to find out in "uh" week.

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    Default Re: Alumacraft Old ...What year? PICS Added

    Its a 1953  21153

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    Default Re: Alumacraft Old ...What year? PICS Added

    Looks nearly identical to one I am considering buying from a buddy. It has hull id A2336. I just got it and will call into Alumacraft to get more data. Sounds as if this one is atleast pre 1960. Its 14ft long and 48inches wide in middle. Additional feedback on this number is appreciated...
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